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Why Facebook?

Traditional marketing strategies from the past won’t work if you want to reach modern audiences. 

It is certainly a wise choice to put your marketing budget into the top 3 platforms if you wish to stand out from the traditional market. Report shows there’s 101 million visitors and 17.2 million unique visitors just in November 2021 alone! Overall internet users have also increased 0.8% over the past one year, putting Google, Facebook, and Youtube at the top three most used sites among people shown from SEMRush traffic report. 

Read on to learn how you can start adopt digital marketing targeting the right audience reaching your ads to the big blue ocean! Using our smart collaboration tools you can onboard a full digital marketing team to start your marketing plans. 

Managing Made Easier

With Facebook’s massive audience, advanced targeting options, and diverse ad types, it’s an ideal advertisement channel for growing businesses.

At Jome Journey, we help businesses take full advantage of Facebook ads and Google ads. Our all-in-one Facebook advertising services include creating your strategy, creating your ads, creating appealing ads content, launching them, and tracking their performance closely.

No Bans. No Limit. Scale Faster.

Are you a current FB advertiser? 

One of the most common problems is spending limits and blocked ads. 

You can scale your ads fast through our agency ad accounts that are are partnered with major advertising networks.

From day one, we make sure our clients’ ads are stable and scalable by tapping on our biggest advertising networks to make sure your ads are safe from bans. Jome Journey has highly qualified, dedicated support staff to assist you throughout the smart collaboration app for a easier communication!

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