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Which Should You Be Using?

In practice, there is nothing more far from the truth than putting the two platforms in competition.

In order to increase visibility, lead generation, and customer acquisition, many companies combine Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to achieve maximum visibility, increase sales, and find new customers, adopting strategies based on the platform functionality and seeing remarkable returns.

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Simple, Effective Split Tests

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, allows you to target your most qualified audience. This gives you an edge over your competitors since you can reach them where they’re already searching.

Jome Journey advertising agency Singapore offers pay-per-click management services to help your company increase both conversions and revenue. Your facetors that we will focus to get the best results. Your budget, bid stratgey, enabled ad formats & extensions, expected clickthrough rate (CTR), ad relavance, landing page experience. 

In-depth competitors analysis to stay relevant to the buyer’s searches. 

Unlimited Ads Copy. No Limitation

We build a custom PPC strategy for your business industry and your goals. This includes unlimited ads copy and keywords research. For all campaigns managed by us, we use premium advertising data analytics such as Google Analytics, keyword research such as UberSuggest, and WordPress sites to create amazing landing pages. 

No more facing communication break down, time zone difference and limitation on ads copy, anytime, anywhere you can request promotion ads using our smart collaboration app just a few clicks away!

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