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What’s The Ingredient Of Making A High-Converting Landing Page?

Design is often associated with creativity, colours, and pretty pictures. We take a step closer into a landing page that is easy to function, nail the headline and provide a clear solution. But don’t get me wrong — great imagery and attractive colours are still necessary to convert visitors.

Before getting the images and animation rolling around your site. The key 10 key takeaways are also essential for a converting site. 

  • Create a headline that emphasizes the benefits.
  • The offer should be illustrated by an image.
  • Persuasive copy is key.
  • Make sure the lead form is easily accessible.
  • Put a clear call-to-action in place.
  • Offer a relevant giveaway.
  • Only ask for what you need.
  • Make it user-friendly. 
  • Make your page mobile and desktop responsive. 
  • Optimise for search.
  • Use a thank you page to track.


Competitor Analysis

At Jome Journey, we will examine a few competitors after diving into what our clients need. We know that you love beautiful fonts, interactive animations, and visuals.

Many times, what you want may not generally be impactful for your business objectives. With our vast experience in digital marketing, we will add value here by creating a site that not only maintains brand identity, but generates leads as well.

  • Start by establishing a visual hierachy and placement of content.
  • Lay out the pages and make sure it’s user friendly and easy to nagvigate.
  • Review’s our client brand standards, identifying the colours and fonts,
  • Determine overall visual feel
  • Make final design and visual affects

Turn Your Website Into Revenue Machine

If you’re looking to up your game in the digital market. Hoping to increase the conversion rate using your website, start building branding visibility, generate more leads and scale your business. 

With our simple and transparent communication workflow, you can entrust our team to work on your behalf without having to go through various back and forth communications. Finally you get to hold the full access of the documentation when it’s completed!

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